What Makes Women’s Celtic Jewelry Unique

What Makes Women’s Celtic Jewelry Unique

If you adorn your chest, fingers, or wrists with women’s Celtic jewelry, you carry the heritage of an ancient people that lived across Europe.

Celtic culture thrives to this day in Ireland and Scotland, present in their pastimes, cuisine, architecture, and even language. If you are a descendant of either of these nations, jewelry is a great way to stay close to those roots.

The Celts believed that life is eternal and this is symbolized by the knots in many jewelry designs, such as in this Path of Life Pendant. They were masters in smelting and our Celtic jewelry carries that ancient knowledge in each necklace, ring, pendant, or chain.

A traditional way to attest your love

What better way to show your affection than with a Celtic ring? The Celts featured intertwining knots on their jewelry as a symbol of interconnectedness: a testament to the power of nature and love, as present in this Celtic love knot ring.

Or show your commitment with a Claddagh wedding ring, which features two hands holding a heart with a crown. The hands attest to friendship, the heart to love, and the crown symbolizes loyalty.

A guardian angel by your side

Present in Christianity, the Celts also believed in guardian angels. And they kept these protecting angels by their side with jewelry, such as this guardian angel pendant.

When the missionaries reached the Celts in the 5th century, they adapted the religion to their liking. The Celtic Cross is an example: it features a halo (eternity), and the arms of the cross take on extra meaning, representing the 4 elements (earth, wind, fire, and water).

If you’re a Christian, carry your faith close to heart with this small Celtic Cross pendant or find more Celtic cross jewelry here.

Mystical dragons and hummingbirds

The Celts were mystical people and their whimsy and appreciation of the majestic lives to this day in the Scots and the Irish.

Celtic jewelry encapsulates this spirit and is a perfect way to carry these values with you wherever you go. Two mystical figures we feature in our jewelry are hummingbirds and dragons.

Hummingbirds are messengers of joy and courage since they diligently seek the sweetness of life in every flower. You can carry this message with you close to your mind with these hummingbird earrings.

And dragons are gatekeepers to other worlds, imbued with eternal energy. Druids believed that lands where dragons passed would be of great power and their paths (known as ley lines) were perfect for building temples and homes.

You can carry this eternal energy by your hand with this Dragon weave bracelet in sterling silver.

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Gateways, cradles of life, dew drops, and brave hearts. This iconography and more is present in the Celtic jewelry designed by Keith Jack.

A Scotsman brought up surrounded by elders with many ancient stories of the Celts, Keith was inspired by this mystical lore and incorporates it into every jewel he designs.

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