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Scottish Independence Shines through Celtic Jewelry

Scottish Independence Shines through Celtic Jewelry

Celtic jewelry is a perfect way to showcase your support for Scottish Independence. In the past years, the numbers of Scots in favor of an Independent Scotland have grown — and that includes the descendants of Scotland in Canada and the US.

So, if you want to demonstrate this pride with rings, pendants, or earrings with Scottish symbols, keep reading below!

The history of the Lion Rampant

The Lion Rampant has symbolized the might of Scotland since 1222, when “William the Lion” held the flag up high for the first time.

And till this day it is still a Scottish symbol, which since 1801 occupies a quarter in the royal arms of the United Kingdom.

But the Lion Rampant isn’t just a symbol for Scotland in a coat of arms, but rather a symbol of the country as a force to be tamed. During the Anglo-Scottish wars (14th to the 16th century), the banner was proudly waved as troops defended hills and settlements from the English army.

Today, it waves high at Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh (but that can change with Scottish Independence).

In an Independent Scotland, the Lion Rampant will be a reclaimed symbol of the Scottish people as a nation that can finally take its own path in the global arena — to make its decisions untied by Westminister.

Lion Rampant jewelry

You can show your Scottish pride by the heart or hand with our collection of Lion Rampant rings and pendants:

More Scottish Celtic jewelry

Check out our Scottish Jewelry collection for luckenbooth earrings and pendants. The luckenbooth is a traditional heart-shaped Scottish brooch, which symbolizes love.

Luckenbooths can be given to a spouse since it is believed the emblem protects nursing mothers and their babies from the curse of the “evil eye”.

And there is plenty of Celtic-themed jewelry, such as Celtic crosses, which symbolize the 4 elements (Earth, Air, Fire, and Water) and the eternal intertwining between humanity and nature.

The Celtic Heart symbolizes passion and can be worn to demonstrate your Scottish pride. And to remind yourself of the millennial legacy of Scottish culture and its people, a Celtic Cradle of Life pendant is a wise choice.

View our complete collections for Men and Women on the links below:

Support Scottish Independence with Celtic Jewelry

In the past years, the tension in Westminister and Holyrood has risen. The cry of the Scottish people for the independence of their home becomes louder, day after day.

If you are a supporter of Scottish Independence, so the country can decide its own future, then Celtic jewelry is a way to demonstrate that pride.

Pendants, earrings, and rings inspired by Scottish Celtic culture. Click on the link below to see our complete collection!

Show your Scottish pride by purchasing Celtic Jewelry