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The most recognized of all Celtic symbols, the Trinity knot draws on the sacred power of the number three.

The trinity knot has long been held sacred in Celtic cultures, as it represents a variety of deep, spiritual beliefs.

Most commonly, the tri-fold figure is known to represent the Triquetra, or the three goddesses: the Maiden, the Mother, and the Wise Woman.

The Maiden represents youth, enchantment, inception, expansion, birth, and youthful enthusiasm. Historically represented by the waxing moon, the Maiden can be recognized in her growing form.

The Mother represents ripeness, fertility, sexuality, fulfilment, stability, power, and life-her corresponding moon phase is the rounded orb of the full moon.

Lastly, the Wise Woman represents insight, repose, experiences, and endings. Her corresponding moon sign is the waning moon, signifying the evolution toward an end and new beginning.

This trifecta is prevalent in Celtic lore as it speaks to the circle of life, the transition from youth to death, as well as the stops along the way. Given the intrinsically linked nature of the Trinity knot, the message of interconnectedness could not be clearer.

At Keith Jack, we believe in the power of beauty. As such, each piece of Trinity jewelry imbues the wearer with love, luck and the divine. Bringing Celtic magic to your fingertips through the form of a Trinity ring, Trinity necklace, Trinity pendant, Trinity bracelet, or Trinity Earrings.

Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, wearing the sacred knot serves as a reminder of the beauty of life that we all experience, regardless of phase.