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Our unique path of life jewelry symbolizes the endless opportunities in this journey of life. With every twist and turn comes a new possibility and a new chance to embrace change.

The center of our path of life jewelry beholds the famous infinity sign - a type of Celtic Knot. This sign holds a special meaning of love, beauty, power, balance, and peace. Most importantly, it reminds us to be confident and love one another.

The Celtic Knot, a knot that has no end and no beginning, symbolizes life as an eternity, meaning our spirit lives on forever.

At Keith Jack, you can choose from a selection of path of life necklaces, path of life earrings, and path of life rings that permeate love, beauty, and confidence. With the power of the infinity symbol and the Celtic Knot, you are bound to feel empowered on your path of life.

No matter your beliefs, our path of life jewelry collection molds the endless and marvelous cycle of life, inspiring us to see the beauty in everyone and everything.