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Learn the Meaning Behind Wild Souls Jewelry

An assortment of jewelry comprising gorgeous and interesting designs, our Wild Souls collection doesn’t only showcase the beauty of animals.

Collectively, animals have always been a representation of life. They symbolize strength, honor, courage, wisdom, and so much more. Better understanding the meaning behind our specific animal pieces, such as an eagle pendant, lion ring, or other celtic animal jewelry, can help you make a selection that represents your journey through life.

What Do Animals Represent?

For centuries, different cultures have associated animals with agility and livelihood, because they’re constantly on the move and ready to take on the next challenge of life. But certain animals have deeper, relatable meanings that humans use as a representation of the way they feel.

There are so many different ways to carry these animals throughout your life. Whether it’s in the form of artwork, clothing or jewelry, you can find ways to showcase your love for the gifted creatures of Mother Nature.

Here are some examples of the meanings behind animals, and our jewelry to consider:

  • Wolf. The wolf has a tie to loyalty and love for family. As an expert hunter, the wolf has the strength and determination to bring home sustenance and care for its pack. Check out our collection of wolf jewelry, with cufflinks, bracelets, pendants and rings.
  • Lion. The lion is another animal of majesty and strength. It is representative of courage, honor and justice. Browse through our lion rampant jewelry to find the perfect option for you.
  • Eagle. Eagles showcase courage and immortality. As a notable symbol of American history, the bald eagle specifically represents freedom and leadership. Find your perfect piece of eagle jewelry in our collection.
  • Horse. Another majestic animal, the horse is representative of independence and endurance, an ideal symbol for the wild fire in your soul. We have horse pendants, necklaces and more.
  • Raven. A symbol of grief, adaptability, healing powers, and longevity, the raven is associated with loss. Browse our raven jewelry pieces in the Wild Souls collection.
  • Stag. The stag is a symbol of instinct and spiritual enlightenment. Often associated with maturity, the stag has had the experience in life to take on challenges with grace. Check out our stag jewelry today.

Let our Wild Souls jewelry collection help you express your free spirit. Browse our store today.