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Men’s Collection

Tempest, double headed dragon, knotted cross, tree of life, Celtic cross - these and many other legendary Celtic symbols serve as the inspiration for our spectacular line of men’s Celtic jewelry.

A Dazzling Modern Spin on Ancient Celtic Motifs

You’ll find that not only does each collection start with an inspiration but also that each piece has a story behind its creation. Our fascinating pieces of ancient Celtic jewelry for men have all originated from the most interesting and beautiful ideas and the lore of Scotland and Ireland.

You’ll find that the Celtic motifs - that form the basis of our Irish inspired jewelry for men - convey a great deal of meaning and significance, having spawned countless tales and legends that have inspired our founder, Keith Jack, along with several Scottish and Irish generations. And they continue to do so even today.

Our men’s Celtic jewelry collection showcases a beautiful blend of traditional Celtic symbols and motifs with modern designs all of which come together to stun and inspire in equal doses.

Works of Art in Sparkling Sterling Silver Studded with Rich Gemstones

As our highly skilled craftsmen bring these ideas to life, they use the most remarkable sterling silver, textured precious metals, and rich gemstones. Nothing but the most precious metals and stones are used to help transform Keith’s designs into the most memorable pieces of Scottish Celtic jewelry for men. But that’s not all!

You can opt for Scottish jewelry for men, which is crafted from sterling silver with 10k or 18k solid yellow and rose gold accents. Or you can have the pieces custom-made just for you, in 10k or 14k gold.

To get started, browse our fine Irish jewelry for men featured in the space above!